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As they say: work in progress (?)

More on books coming up.

For now,

thank you so much for joining me

on this amazing new adventure & journey.


Primo passo di questo g i g a n t e s c o work in progress.

A seguire, spero di incrociarvi su quanti più libri possibili.

Fill your life with books. They are all the missing bits you need to thrive, and live, and be happy.


Born and raised in Sicily, managed to study, eat, read and grow jumping between England and hometown Catania. My world has swollen cafès, restaurants, bookshops, retrò cinemas and long walks, books in my bag and an undefined love for tea, knowledge of coffee and suspiciously keen love for pizza. Studied (or better, read a lot about) Philosophy of Mind, got wrapped in studying emotions and human development while serving homemade food to complete strangers, and chatting away five years: my slow and sweet swing from my 20s to my 30s. Mum to Dado, a one-year old dinosaur with a very British complexion and way of clapping his elegant little hands, and wifey to Giogi, Global Politics optimist with endless patience towards my dieting attempts. My attempts to be a fierce book lady start t o d a y. { Disclaimer: The views expressed on my Page are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of USBAH or its clients 

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